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Vision Lighting of Ft. Myers, FL will strive to update and upgrade your home, hotel, or country club adding value and enhancing aesthetics with the attention to detail and unsurpassed quality that we offer. Before starting a project, we gain a comprehensive understanding of what our client would like to accomplish. A project plan is then developed that outlines the scope, pricing and timeline. The techniques are discussed in detail to ensure that the client is confident about the process and final outcome.

Think about it: Most of your guests (and if your home is on the market, many would-be buyers) see your home only in the evening, when its best features may be lost in the shadows.

Well-executed outdoor lighting enhances architectural detail and plays up landscape features, casting your home in the best possible light and adding an abundance of curb appeal.

Outdoor lighting also adds value. Judith Patriski, an appraiser and owner of Quad Realty Co. near Cleveland, estimates that for upper-bracket homes, an investment in outdoor lighting can yield a 50% return. “When you pull into a driveway and see a gorgeous home, you’re going to pay more for it,” says Patriski.

And she emphasizes that it’s not only about aesthetics: “In all price ranges, lighting for security is important” — to protect against both intruders and falls. Here are the elements of successful outdoor lighting.

Techniques that our outdoor lighting designers use:

Highlighting trees. Whether illumined from below or given presence by a light mounted in the tree itself, trees make stunning features.

Using up-lights. Uplighting is dramatic because we expect light to shine downward. Used in moderation, it’s a great way to highlight architectural and landscaping features.

Have a focus. The entryway is often center stage, a way of saying, “Welcome, this way in.”

Combine beauty and function. For example, adding lighting to plantings along a pathway breaks up the “runway” look of too many lights strung alongside a walk.

Vary the fixtures. While the workhorses are spots and floods, we use a wide range of fixtures, area lights, step lights, and bollards or post lights.

Stick to warm light. A rainbow of colors is possible, but most designers avoid anything but warm white light, preferring to showcase the house and its landscape rather than create a light show.

Orchestrate. A timer, with confirmation from a photocell, brings the display to life as the sun sets. At midnight it shuts shut down everything but security lighting. Some homeowners even set the timer to light things up an hour or so before dawn.

Adding Safety and Security

Falls are the foremost cause of home injury, according to the Home Safety Council. Outdoors, stair, and pathway lighting help eliminate such hazards.

Often safety and security can be combined. For example, motion-detecting security lighting mounted near the garage provides illumination when you get out of your car at night; the same function deters intruders. Motion-detecting switches can also be applied to landscape lighting to illumine shadowy areas should anyone walk nearby.

Even the moonlight effect has a security function: Soft, overall landscape lighting eliminates dark areas that might hide an intruder, exposing any movement on your property. Overly bright lights actually have a negative effect, creating undesirable pockets of deep shadow.

Switching to LEDs

Once disparaged for their high cost and cold, bluish glow, LEDs are now the light source of choice for lighting installations. They’ve come down in price and now have that warm light people love in incandescent bulbs. We haven’t installed anything but LEDs for the last 5 years.

Another advantage is long life. LEDs last at least 40,000 hours, or about 18 years of nighttime service. We advise only buying only fixtures with a 15-year to a lifetime warranty — proof that the fixture’s housing is designed to live as long as the LED bulbs inside.

Please feel free to ask to speak personally with my past clients, or preview my past work so you can get real review and testimonials of how my projects are operated.

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